Friday, January 27, 2012

more pictures of ronan from one talented cousin

My cousin Lauren and her husband Andrew were able to visit from Oregon the weekend Ronan was born. Lauren is super everything, it is almost sick how talented she is and how quickly she picks things up, like photography for example. She just recently got a new camera and has already been asked to do engagements, a wedding, family and senior I was lucky enough to have her take some family shots before Ronan was born and then have her capture some in the hospital the next day. You should all check out her is The link below goes to the hospital pictures, but search around because some of our family photo shoot is on there as well....oh and did I mention that she is super talented; she is usually my go to girl when it comes to fashion, hair, make-up, products, you name it, she knows it so you should  start following her because you will definitely learn a thing or two!


  1. Just looked. Love all them! She IS very talented! You're lucky to have her as family!!

  2. thanks girl, you sooooo sweet! i love you.

  3. Gorgeous pictures of all of you...from both of these Ronan posts. Congratulations a thousand times over, big hugs from all of us Eyres here (The Oborn's Friends) and tiny kisses on Ronan from Utah!