Tuesday, October 25, 2011

capes and suckers

Krew and I shared a sucker this afternoon, meaning I got the first two...maybe three licks in before it went straight into his mouth and then never came back out again until it was just the stick. It was a pretty dang good flavor too, but I couldn't bring myself to yank it out of his mouth for another lick, especially when he he was trying to flex like a superhero. 

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Friday, October 21, 2011

a toy story party

These are just some quick shots of the treats before Krew's little friends showed up for the party....they were fun to make, but probably more fun to eat!!  Along with the treats, I made a western "Happy Birthday" banner, a cowboy vest (which Krew never touched), some Wheezy Penguin bean bags and a boot for a snake toss.....might have been a bit much, I mean he is only 2, but I think it was more for me to stay busy once he was down for the night. Overall it was a fun birthday party; I loved seeing how happy it made Krew, which made it all worth it.

BoPeep Sheep Cupcakes

Alien Cupcakes

Mr. Potato Head and Ham Cake Pops


Thursday, October 20, 2011

the best way to wake up from a nap......

.......is with chocolate cake and candles
not the best pictures, but it was fun seeing how excited he was for the simple pleasures of having a birthday!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Just thought I would share a quick photo of Krew, Still can't believe he is TWO! I am a little behind on picture posting as usual, but other than that my baby belly is growing nicely, maybe a little too nicely. We see Thomas for a bit in the mornings and then every other hour in the day/night/early morning is spent studying. As for Krew, he is loving his weekly playgroups and museum visits. All in all we are doing well and are excited to see friends and family in just a short while.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We have had some birthdays over here. Krew's was on the 3rd (more pictures to come from his little party we threw for him) and Thomas' was on the 9th. Can't believe how blessed I am to have these two birthday boys in my life. Krew amazes me everyday and reminds me that being a mother is the best gift anyone could give me. Thomas is such a wonderful husband even if he did want to grow his hair out for a bit....no but really, he is the most selfless and loving person I know.  I am so glad I get to celebrate their birthdays and love them everyday in between!

"Raise Your Hands," For No Nap Time

Playing in the grass is much more fun than nap time...at least Krew thought so.

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge this week. "Raise Your Hands" – www.iheartfaces.com