Friday, January 27, 2012

more pictures of ronan from one talented cousin

My cousin Lauren and her husband Andrew were able to visit from Oregon the weekend Ronan was born. Lauren is super everything, it is almost sick how talented she is and how quickly she picks things up, like photography for example. She just recently got a new camera and has already been asked to do engagements, a wedding, family and senior I was lucky enough to have her take some family shots before Ronan was born and then have her capture some in the hospital the next day. You should all check out her is The link below goes to the hospital pictures, but search around because some of our family photo shoot is on there as well....oh and did I mention that she is super talented; she is usually my go to girl when it comes to fashion, hair, make-up, products, you name it, she knows it so you should  start following her because you will definitely learn a thing or two!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ronan J. Bills

Ronan J. Bills

1 - 15- 2012

4:43 pm

7 lbs 8 oz

20 1/2 in

We welcomed Ronan into our family just over a week ago (can't believe a week has already gone by) and we are loving every second. Of course it is an adjustment, not only to have a newborn, but to now have two kids, however I think we are pretty blessed to have two amazing little boys. This little guy wasn't suppose to come until January 25, or 21 or sometime in February, according to some ultrasounds.....who knows....apparently the doctors weren't too sure either. Around 37 weeks the doctor ordered a non-stress because there were concerns that Ronan was too small. The tests showed an active baby and a good amount of amniotic fluid, so there was no need for an emergency induction.....the doctor just said the baby would probably be small, around 5 lbs. She also stressed that we would need to rush to the hospital when the time came because I was already pretty far along (4-5 cm dilated, and 50%+ effaced). So we went on our way a little nervous, but very excited to meet the little guy. The Thursday before Ronan was born, I woke up feeling really dizzy and light headed, which is not too big of a deal considering I have super low blood pressure during pregnancy, but I also didn't feel Ronan move as much as usual, so we called the doctor with our concerns. That night we went to Walnut Creek's labor and delivery to have another non-stress test. Again everything checked out, but there was still worry about him being a small baby. The doctor said I was definitely dilated to a 5 and 80% effaced and thought I would deliver before the weekend was over. She went ahead and scheduled an induction for Sunday morning because I as so far along and the baby was small, but she had her doubts about me making it until then. Welp, I did. We had our bags packed and walked calmly into labor and delivery Sunday morning to check in. And after 7 attempts at an I.V. (apparently I have tricky veins), I started the induction process with pitocin. Then some waiting, a little bit of pain, two attempts at an epidural (yep apparently my spine is tricky too), then some more waiting, we were ready to go. I told the nurse I felt some pressure and was ready to push. She checked me, saw some dark hair and got the doctor in there....we were ready to meet Ronan.  Thomas scrubbed up to deliver the baby (the doctors asked if he wanted to deliver Ronan, knowing he was in medical school and very interested in the whole process) and then four sets of pushes,  7 1/2 minutes later , Ronan was here (and definitely not as little as the doctors thought....who knows where he was hiding). Just like with Krew's delivery, this was another peaceful and calm experience. I am so grateful for educated doctors, kind nurses, pain relieving medication!!!, a loving husband, a supportive family and now two beautiful children.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best Face of 2011

I Heart Faces is asking everyone to go through their photos of 2011 and pick their best face for the year...sounds like an impossible task, but I knew exactly which face was my favorite.....I mean look at this guy, doesn't he look like a doll in this photo?? And the fact that he is announcing our baby number two (who should be here soon) makes it extra special to me. Here's to 2011; it was a good year for our family: we lived in a different country, got to travel all over Europe, announce another baby into the Bills Family, and Thomas finished the first year of medical school successfully....couldn't ask for a better year!!! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge this week. "Best Face of 2011" –

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 10

The super hero photo of Krew was chosen as one of  the "Top 10 Cutest Kids of 2011" for I Heart Faces. I had no idea they were doing "Top 10" categories to close out 2011, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Krew's photo up on the website. It has given me a little more motivation to keep taking photos, although I think this big belly of mine has slowed me down a bit. I am excited to keep capturing Krew and soon add this little guy into the mix.

Friday, January 6, 2012

cleaning up christmas

Putting away glass ornaments isn't the most ideal task for a two year old so I tried to keep Krew busy playing with some extra christmas lights while everyone else cleaned up christmas.  I wanted to take the photos a little later in the evening so that the lights shined a bit brighter, but Krew was so happy to be playing, I just had to snap a few. It was a good way to finish packing up christmas. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

merry and bright

I love my boys.  I really do.  Christmas always reminds me of how special they are to me and I cannot wait to add another boy to this family.  My due date has been moved up a few days earlier and this next Bills boy may be here sooner than we thought.  We don’t have a name yet but this next little guy looks just like Krew in the ultrasounds, "Whipple genes are strong" according to Thomas.  This Christmas in California has really brought our family together and it will be sad to have Thomas leave for school shortly after this next baby. But in the mean time its moments like this when he is here that I love to capture and look at over and over again.   

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I haven't had much motivation to blog lately...I blame all the changes going on around here. Krew and I flew home to California for Thanksgiving, leaving Thomas in Newcastle to finish up his first year of medical school (which he did great by the way; we are really proud of him). Krew had a little trouble transitioning from his simple Newcastle life to his new family filled life around here, but he has come around. We finally reunited with Thomas just in time for Christmas; it has been so nice to have him all to ourselves and not share him with school.  Thomas and I had fun teaching Krew all about Christmas; he understood that it was Jesus' birthday and that Santa brought presents. We might have made a rookie parent move and overdid Christmas, because Krew was not too interested in opening presents, which I guess is good news for us when it comes to future birthdays/holidays, but it was fun either way. Now that Christmas is over, things have calmed down a bit, but more changes are just around the corner. We are excited to meet our new addition in a few short weeks. Who knows what life will be like then, but as for now we are counting our blessings for being together, being healthy  and being near family. (As for the picture, I think I am about 34 weeks here. Krew and I were just outside playing when the sun was going down, which always makes for some fun shadow shots)