Thursday, January 5, 2012

merry and bright

I love my boys.  I really do.  Christmas always reminds me of how special they are to me and I cannot wait to add another boy to this family.  My due date has been moved up a few days earlier and this next Bills boy may be here sooner than we thought.  We don’t have a name yet but this next little guy looks just like Krew in the ultrasounds, "Whipple genes are strong" according to Thomas.  This Christmas in California has really brought our family together and it will be sad to have Thomas leave for school shortly after this next baby. But in the mean time its moments like this when he is here that I love to capture and look at over and over again.   


  1. Alta, your pictures are amazing!! Once I start to actually buckle down and try and shoot these kind of creative shots, I'm going to be asking you for some serious help! Seriously, so beautiful! And good luck and congratulations on the upcoming boy, mama!

  2. Alta, did you study photography? Read books? Practice? Your pictures are amazing! What camera do you use? We just got an amazing camera and I need tips to know how to use it better.

    Ps. I can't wait to see pictures of the new baby! I'm sure he'll be adorable as ever.

  3. These are beautiful photos Alta! This last one is especially amazing!