Sunday, September 12, 2010

a welcome home, a wedding bash, and a long flight to grenada

so just a quick has been very eventful in the last month or so. Krew and I moved in with my parents for a month at the beginning of August while Thomas headed off to Grenada to begin school at St. George's University. Krew and I stayed behind to see Uncle Conner (my younger brother) return home from Korea where he had been serving a mission for the last two years. It was great to finally see him. He couldn't put down an In-n-out burger and he speaks super quietly.....other than that same old Conner. No, I will give him more credit than that, he definitely changed a lot, the mission really has made him into a great person ready to start the rest of his life.

Our trip was timed perfectly because not only did we get to welcome Conner home, but we also got to celebrate with friends and family Caitlin's (my older sister) marriage to Matt Sheets. The wedding was perfect; a beautiful bride, a groom with bulldog cuff links, dang good food, red velvet cake....mmmmm, and a whooooooole lot of dancing, Whipple style of course. Its not a complete wedding bash without all the cousins gett'in down on the dance floor.

On a lighter note, while Krew and I were in California he finally mastered crawling (I know, I know, a little late, but I think he is more of an intellectual than a physical go-get'er, he would rather sit read a book than make his way across the room), he got two teeth on the top and we are expecting some more to cut their way through any day now, he took his first trip to the zoo (it was a bit anticlimactic, his favorite animals were the ducks swimming in the river at the giraffe exhibit because they were the only animals that made any sound!), he took quite a few steps on his own, but only when he didn't realize I slipped my fingers from his grasp, he knows what an elephant says---when you ask him he throws his arm up and down like an elephants trunk, he used to know what a bear says but got too old for growling so he decided to stop that trick, he has been able to say tick-tock for awhile, but that is only half of the trick---no matter where we are he has this amazing ability to find every clock (tick-tock) in the house, whether it be one that hangs on the wall, a wrist watch or an alarm clock (which he seemed to reset and kindly wake my parents up at 3:00 in the morning), he got his first tastes of cake and ice cream (thanks to grandma and great grandma....there was no holding back, icing and all and of course he loved it), we had a mock-birthday party for him a month early, he didn't dig into his cupcakes because he was waiting for grandma to feed him the good stuff, and lastly he's got some sweet moves---anytime he hears music, he stops whatever he is doing and rocks to the beat with a huge smile on his face, his favorite genre is reggae, which is quite appropriate for the island life.

speaking of island life...we made it!!! 11 hours of travel time later we are here safe and sound and very hottttttt. We have spent the last couple of days touring, sweating, learning how to drive a stick shift, sweating, going to church, sweating, swimming at the beach and definitely sweating some more. I will hopefully get on a picture taking kick because this place is unbelievably pretty and should be shared with more posts to come.