Sunday, November 22, 2009

photos to update family on the growing baby bills

holiday/church outfit

Krew is definitely a happy baby...he is smiling and cooing a ton these days

hope you dont mind....but more pictures of Krew

Doesn't he look like he is about three years old right here...and minutes before the picture just proved one of Einstein's formulas to be wrong...

look at that pose...

A little late, but he is exactly one month in this picture

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Kennedy Family Photo Shoot

These are pictures from Jake and Jenny's Wedding...We joked that it felt like a Kennedy Family photo shoot in this beautiful mansion posing the way were. Thanks Lauren for the fun pictures!!

Bringing Two Sides Together for the Holidays

Krew was love'in his costume. He was so relaxed...we contemplated about using it as his church outfit; he'd be asleep the entire time!!!

The Pilgrims and Indians just needed something as cute as Krew to bring them together!!!

I love how Krew is wide-eyed, looking straight at the meat tenderizer

Thomas is wearing bright yellow spandex to match his bright yellow, politically correct Indian feathers; it was classic.

Krew's pre-turkey costume...just wanted to be festive.

Our Jack-O-Lantern Family

Happy Halloween!!!

The Bills and Johnson Family Jack-O-Lanterns (Alta, Leigh Ann, funny she just wanted to carve one eye, Billy, Thomas, Jeff, Dane, Krew and Heather). That is one creative bunch.

Alta's Picasso of a Pumpkin

Thomas' version of a Jack-O-Lantern...this just makes sense after all that has happened recently

Good looking Jack-O-Lantern Family!!!

Halloween Happenings

Krew was tucked away and sleeping well so we didn't dare take him out in the cold for a photo-op, instead we brought the pumpkins to him.

Thanks to Leigh Ann's photography skills, we have the perfect display of foreground, middle ground, and background.

A close up at Pumpkin Land

The Bills little family...Krew is fast asleep, but I am sure he loved walking around the pumpkin patch, and below is a picture of Grandpa Bills and cousin Elodie with Krew. If you look closely Krew has a smile on his cute....must be the family love!!