Monday, September 12, 2011

ABC's and 123's

While Thomas is off taking tests for medical school, I am  at home constantly quizzing Krew on ABC's, 123's, shapes and colors.  So far so good; he has his ABC's down and can just about sing them...well kind of. He can point out things like, "Z is for Zebra," or "M is for Monkey." As for his numbers, Krew is pretty solid with 1-10; he definitely knows he has ten crayons, ten blocks and ten it's about time to move on so the poor kid doesn't think he just has ten of everything. Krew's first shape was a star, which he calls an "up above." I have been amazed at well he has done with his shapes; he easily recognizes the differences between circles and ovals or squares and rectangles. That just leaves his colors....and lets just say it is a good thing it is considered "back to school" time because we have some work to do!

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge this week. "Back to School" –

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

it's a............

                             and we couldn't be happier.