Tuesday, August 17, 2010

J'aime mon mari

So something that Thomas asks me on a daily basis is, "Why do you love me?" I've never really been good at answering this simple question, not because I don't have something to say, but because I absolutely have too much to say and I am far from being decent at expressing/articulating my emotions. Thomas is kind enough to let me off the hook when I just seem to struggle anyway, but there are three days a year that I can't let slip by without telling my husband why I love him; his birthday, valentines day and of course our anniversary.....which is today!!! Three years....can you believe it, I sure can't. Anyway, I am going to stay focused, this post is about Thomas and why I love him, not about the amazing, fun, and interesting three years we have been married....maybe I will share tid-bits here and there, but on to Thomas. Here are the top ten reasons Why. I. Love. Thomas. (now I am not really sure how most people do the whole top ten thing, but in this case all my reasons are equally important, it just didn't sound right to say the top ten number one reasons why i love thomas). So the moment all of you (meaning Thomas, who is probably the only one that will really appreciate this) have been waiting for....

1. Movie star good looks---I don't think I need to expound much on this one, but I will anyway. Of course this is where it all started....I remember thinking that Thomas K. Bills was so good looking; he was such a pretty face to look at during those long sacrament meetings, or during the ward prayer song that no one knows the words to without a hymn book, or while playing Mario Cart and losing to Peach (who was Thomas and of course I lost, I was too busy looking at him), or really during any activity and any time of day. I remember thinking that he was just too good to be true and I never thought that someone that good looking would ever be interested in me....thank goodness he was. Next time you see Thomas, really look at his face (I won't mind) he has perfect features...pretty big green eyes, perfectly shaped nose, nice big lips, and very very straight teeth....ok moving on.....

2. Great sense of humor---Thomas is one of the funniest people I know; I pretty much laugh really really hard everyday, like tears flowing because I laugh so hard. In all of our marriage I do not think we have come in contact with someone that hasn't laughed in Thomas' presence, he is just that funny. His jokes are so real, everyone can relate.

3. Wonderful Father---It is very apparent that he loves his son, he would do anything for Krew. He is a natural father; so so so patient (something that I hope will rub off on me) and always looking for teaching opportunities. He is so youthful and finds such joy in playing with Krew. He has great aspirations for Krew and will do whatever it takes to see him succeed in life.

4. Impeccable driving skills---You can always feel safe when Thomas is behind the wheel (that's the real reason why I have him drive the entire way on road trips, not because I would rather sleep.....). I have also never seen someone back-up as smoothly as he does...he can fit any into any space, which is sometimes scary to watch, but he gets it done.

5. Loving spouse---I am so lucky to be married to Thomas; his first goal in life is to make sure that I am taken care of and that I am happy. He's never missed one night of saying "I love you beautiful" before going to bed since we have been married. He thrives on gift giving and surprises. He would hold my hand all day if he could. Sometimes I come home to a clean house, dishes and all, just because he thought it would help. We rarely eat chinese food because he knows it is not exactly my favorite, which means more girly salads and sandwiches all around. He does whatever it takes to make our marriage a strong one and wants to be in love forever.

6. Hard working---Without a doubt, I know that our family will be taken care of because of this quality. Thomas does what ever it takes to get the job done; there are no excuses for lack of hard work in Thomas's mind. Besides being the funny one, I think most people know and define Thomas by this quality. Grueling hours, hard physical labor, or emotionally taxing, Thomas will do it all if it means things get done and his family is taken care of.

7. One of the most selfless people I know---Thomas puts everyone before himself...all. the. time. I honestly cannot think of one time that Thomas has been selfish since I met him. Thomas will continually take the blame for anything just to keep the peace. We do not have much to give (still being in school and not having an income), but that does not matter to Thomas, if someone is in need he finds plenty of ways to give, give, give.

8. Better than 20/20 vision--- Thomas really does have great eyesight (which makes up for his poor hearing...its a touchy subject). He was tested for 20/10 vision. I can't tell you how much this has come in handy. We never miss a turn because he can see the street signs from so so so far away. Its great.

9. A super good memory (which you could love or hate...right now I love)---Never play any memory games with Thomas...you will lose. Or think that you will stump him with those "do you remember...." questions, because he will definitely remember and then go on further to ask you a similar question and end up stumping you at your own game...its not fun, incredible, yes, but not fun. This great memory of his makes me so jealous, especially right now as it is being put to work at school. It is crazy how fast he can memorize....like all the bones in the skull. only took half and hour. yeah...its amazing.

10. Very, Very, Very athletic---Thomas is good at everything he does, especially when it comes to sports. I just sat here for literally five minutes trying to think of one sport that Thomas is not decent at and I could not think of a single one. The only thing I could come up with.....maybe.... is that he is not the most flexible person in the world which is ok because I think he is just way too tall anyway to do any sort of gymnastics. I can't wait to see what kind of little athletes we have running around our house; you know we will with their dad's great athleticism and coaching ability.

Bonus (11). I love that Thomas loves/supports "The Rock" in the movie industry. I am pretty sure we have seen every movie of his from, "Walking Tall" to the "Tooth Fairy." He is all about "The Rock."

Well I love you Thomas, thank you for making a top ten list so easy!!!! Happy Three Years!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

webby is no longer....

When Krew was born Thomas and I instinctively scanned him over from head to toe the first chance we got; he was perfect, like all babies are of course. The nurses seemed to agree with us as he passed all of his tests and exams, it wasn't until his first bath that a nurse pointed out his webbed toe ("webby"). Krew was born with extra webbing between his second and third toe on his left foot and if we are being completely honest....the webbing on his right foot is a little higher as well, but not nearly as noticeable as the left. Thomas and I had to decide if we would let Krew grow up with a webbed toe and teach him to love his uniqueness or get it fixed so that there was never any chance of teasing or embarrassment. We thought the webbed toe was pretty cool; we showed it off to anyone that wanted to hear about it, but when we really thought about Krew we decided to get it fixed. We would have hated for Krew to be uncomfortable about his toe growing up, especially when we had the option to fix it before it could cause him any grief. His doctor was the head of plastic surgery at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake and he assured us that the procedure was very straight forward. So we felt confident about our decision, but it was still difficult to pass him off to the nurses and wait anxiously for it all to be over. The surgery went well, according to the doctor....we will see what the toes look like this Wednesday when the cast comes off!! Krew was such a great patient through out the whole experience; he never seemed to be in pain, he didn't pick at the the cast and nothing seemed to phase him, he continued to be his happy little self and insist on walking all over the house. Not only was he a great patient, but I am pretty sure he was one of the cutest......

My trip to the rain forrest.

This is the top of the Grand Etang

Top of the rain forrest . its a little warm here to say the least

the south side of the island

my friends and classmates scott and zsofia

St George's University School Of Medicine

the first six photos are from leo. theyre not mine but they are amazing views of the school


here are some photos from grenada where i am starting medical school. My dad came out with me to the island because my hand is still broken and i cant carry much. it was great to have him here. We had a great time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bills family photo at riverwoods

From left to right
We have Kevin, Whitney and Satchel sitting on the rock. Heather and Billy standing back left. Grandma Leigh Ann and grandpa Jeff holding Tanna 5 Dane 8 and Elodie 2. Far right, Alta Thomas and Krew