Monday, August 16, 2010

webby is no longer....

When Krew was born Thomas and I instinctively scanned him over from head to toe the first chance we got; he was perfect, like all babies are of course. The nurses seemed to agree with us as he passed all of his tests and exams, it wasn't until his first bath that a nurse pointed out his webbed toe ("webby"). Krew was born with extra webbing between his second and third toe on his left foot and if we are being completely honest....the webbing on his right foot is a little higher as well, but not nearly as noticeable as the left. Thomas and I had to decide if we would let Krew grow up with a webbed toe and teach him to love his uniqueness or get it fixed so that there was never any chance of teasing or embarrassment. We thought the webbed toe was pretty cool; we showed it off to anyone that wanted to hear about it, but when we really thought about Krew we decided to get it fixed. We would have hated for Krew to be uncomfortable about his toe growing up, especially when we had the option to fix it before it could cause him any grief. His doctor was the head of plastic surgery at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake and he assured us that the procedure was very straight forward. So we felt confident about our decision, but it was still difficult to pass him off to the nurses and wait anxiously for it all to be over. The surgery went well, according to the doctor....we will see what the toes look like this Wednesday when the cast comes off!! Krew was such a great patient through out the whole experience; he never seemed to be in pain, he didn't pick at the the cast and nothing seemed to phase him, he continued to be his happy little self and insist on walking all over the house. Not only was he a great patient, but I am pretty sure he was one of the cutest......


  1. You get to keep that hospital gown, right? Because he looks ADORABLE in it. That is the happiest kid in a doctor's office I've ever seen.

  2. My brother had webbed toes. He loves them!