Saturday, February 26, 2011

maybe one of these days the post might not be about krew.....but don't count on it

 Just another pose from Krew....with my camera becoming more like a fifth limb and with such a one-of-a-kind face like Krewzers, we seem to always have a good photograph to share. I am behind on posting pictures of our recent trips to London and Edinburgh with Jeff and Leigh Ann. Krew and I had such a wonderful time...good company, good food, and good sites to see; can't wait to do it again with Thomas one of these days....haha, well here is to wishing that that day might come!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

working the catwalk on the way to buy milk

His hair might be a little crazy, but I still think he has some serious model gap perhaps?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

the epic comeback

This weekend we went to the Newcastle vs Arsenal game.....and if any of you watched some ESPN highlights they are calling it "The Epic Comeback." Newcastle (our home team) was losing 4 to nil only twenty minutes into the match....Newcastle fans were disgusted, some even left before the half in hopes to find better entertainment (which probably included a lot of drinking; they seem to do that in excess over here). After the fourth goal we joked that to make it a worth while game, either Arsenal needed to score a ridiculous amount of goals to make it a never before seen HUGE blowout or Newcastle needed to make an incredible comeback. We thought it would be the first, by the way Arsenal just seemed to toy with Newcastle. At half time the odds of Newcastle making a comeback was 250,000 pounds to 1...I'm not much of a gambler, but I don't think I would have bet in favor of Newcastle. The second half started off with an Arsenal player getting a red card, forcing the team to play a man down - I would sure hate to be that player right about now. After that Arsenal seemed to fall apart...two penalty kicks and two amazing goals later, the game was tied 4, 4 (Newcastle actually scored another goal, which would have made it 5, 4 in their favor, but it was called back.) When the whistle blew with a tied score the stadium roared; cheering, taunting, yelling, strangers hugging (like Thomas and the man behind us), it was unbelievable. No one had ever seen anything like it; there has never been a greater comeback in the Premier league...ever....and we were there for it all!!!!

Look at Krew in these two photos, the perfect model, you can't top those poses....he cracks us up!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

an early breakfast

So we have been getting use to life around here; Thomas has his study schedule all worked out (which is, leave real early, have class allllllll day, try and study in between then, hopefully make it home for a later dinner, and then study while everyone else hits the sack...I'm glad I'm not the one with that crazy schedule!!) Krew and I have a much more relaxed week. We try and do a little something each day; Monday is open for anything usually library or walk in the park, Tuesday we go to an art gallery to do a craft and then play in their children's play area, Wednesday we go to a playgroup a few metro stops away, Thursday we will be getting together with some families in the ward to let the kids play and hopefully have one of the moms teach me some more about photography, Friday we go to a playgroup just down the street from where we live, and Saturday is family day in the morning (this next week we will be going the Newcastle vs Arsenal should be fun. Last week we went to Newcastle's largest shopping mall, well it is actually the largest in the UK, about four miles of shopping, they even give you a map because it is so easy to get lost!). Our scheduling makes it sound like everything is running smoothly around here, but I would be lying if I said it was. Krew has been having a tough time ( it is getting better now), but for a while he was waking up several times during the night and waking up for the day around 4:30, which meant none of us were sleeping. And because his sleeping was all messed up, he was constantly fussy during the day....he would scream and cry while I made dinner or did the was tough, and draining on all of us. But one morning, one early morning, Krew and I sat down to have breakfast and he proceeded to fold his arms, bow his head, close his eyes and say a little prayer out loud. I only recognized the word amen at the end, but it didn't matter, all I needed was the feeling that came with that prayer. It was just a little tender moment I needed that made me forget all about the hard week we just had. I was so proud of Krew and so happy that he is learning what we are teaching him, even if we get a little frustrated or tired sometimes. Anyway, after that breakfast this boy doesn't stop saying his prayers....half the time he reminds me and Thomas to say them....he really is a sweet little boy.