Sunday, February 6, 2011

the epic comeback

This weekend we went to the Newcastle vs Arsenal game.....and if any of you watched some ESPN highlights they are calling it "The Epic Comeback." Newcastle (our home team) was losing 4 to nil only twenty minutes into the match....Newcastle fans were disgusted, some even left before the half in hopes to find better entertainment (which probably included a lot of drinking; they seem to do that in excess over here). After the fourth goal we joked that to make it a worth while game, either Arsenal needed to score a ridiculous amount of goals to make it a never before seen HUGE blowout or Newcastle needed to make an incredible comeback. We thought it would be the first, by the way Arsenal just seemed to toy with Newcastle. At half time the odds of Newcastle making a comeback was 250,000 pounds to 1...I'm not much of a gambler, but I don't think I would have bet in favor of Newcastle. The second half started off with an Arsenal player getting a red card, forcing the team to play a man down - I would sure hate to be that player right about now. After that Arsenal seemed to fall apart...two penalty kicks and two amazing goals later, the game was tied 4, 4 (Newcastle actually scored another goal, which would have made it 5, 4 in their favor, but it was called back.) When the whistle blew with a tied score the stadium roared; cheering, taunting, yelling, strangers hugging (like Thomas and the man behind us), it was unbelievable. No one had ever seen anything like it; there has never been a greater comeback in the Premier league...ever....and we were there for it all!!!!

Look at Krew in these two photos, the perfect model, you can't top those poses....he cracks us up!!


  1. How fun!! I'm loving looking at your pictures lately. Are you loving the 85 mm?!!

  2. I wish I had an 85...I just have the 50 like you. How are you guys, we miss you, wish you could share our adventure over here in Newcastle...although we are missing the sun!!! Keep posting pictures on your end...I always look at them for inspiration/ well motivation at this point!!!

  3. How fun! Kevin and I want to go to a game so bad! Wish we would have gone to that one!