Saturday, February 26, 2011

maybe one of these days the post might not be about krew.....but don't count on it

 Just another pose from Krew....with my camera becoming more like a fifth limb and with such a one-of-a-kind face like Krewzers, we seem to always have a good photograph to share. I am behind on posting pictures of our recent trips to London and Edinburgh with Jeff and Leigh Ann. Krew and I had such a wonderful time...good company, good food, and good sites to see; can't wait to do it again with Thomas one of these days....haha, well here is to wishing that that day might come!!!


  1. Just keep the posts coming of Krew. He's the cute one anyway.

  2. How fun! Your pictures of Krewzer are amazing as always. I wish I were there traipsing around London and Edinburgh. Jealousy...