Thursday, November 4, 2010

sleep advice from Krew....who needs a warm glass of milk when you've got wrestling moves

So lately Krew has been a little sensitive when it comes to bed time. I'm not quite sure what it is; teething (I am pretty sure I blame every "off" behavior on teething), the anxiety of being alone or in the dark, or just trying to find any excuse to stay up with mom and dad...who knows. Well tonight was no different. It was coming up on 8:00 (bedtime in our household) and all the tired signs were there, huge yawns and constant eye rubs. So I promptly began the bedtime routine; diaper change, brush the teeth (more like a street fight), footie pajamas, Goodnight Moon book (his favorite thing to point to is the light and the red balloon), Its Time For Bed book (he just made a fish noise for the first time tonight when it came to the goodnight fish page), prayers, a kiss on the head, a whispered goodnight and in the crib (well, pack-n-play) he goes. His eyes rolled back, his arms stretched over his head and his legs sprawled out. I closed the door and instant crying. I let him cry it out for a bit, but then decided to see what all the fuss was about. I picked him up out of the pack-n-play and laid with him on the bed. I pulled out all the moves; rocking, patting, humming, singing (yikes, I can't imagine my singing would be soothing to anyone so I might remove this one from my bag of tricks), bouncing, rubbing, you name it, i tried it and nothing seemed to work he still cried and cried. Since I didn't seem to help the situation I just let him do his thing while I laid next to him on the bed. Krew then proceeded to pile drive into the bed....I mean he violently switched sleeping position after sleeping position. I am certain he would have injured a rib of mine if I had kept trying to rock him on my chest. This went on for maybe ten minutes; every position different, head burrowed, butt up, knees bent, one hand rubbing ear, one hand rubbing hair, laying on one side, both hands on the face, flat on back, legs in frog position....he got pretty creative, with every violent switch (it was pretty entertaining to watch). Then he finally drifted away, one his back, arms stretched over his head, and legs sprawled out, just like I had laid him down the first time. I guess he just need to work in the mattress, kind of like a hacky sack, pile drive after pile drive until his spot on the mattress was niiiiiice and sooooooft and comfortable. All I have to say is watch out Thomas, because I really haven't been sleeping to well either come to think of it and according to Krew all have to do is brush up on my wrestling moves (I would protect that perfect nose of yours if I were you.)


  1. That is rough, P started doing a similar thing. He used to go to bed without a fight and then he started throwing a fit. At first we tried soothing like you did, but what really helped was just letting him cry. If after 15 mins he was still crying we figured something else was wrong and would go get him and give him milk, read a book, etc. And then try again. But rarely did he even last 5 mins the first time around. Anyway, hope that helps!

    p.s. this is bec not jeff :)

  2. Lol. This was so funny to read. I love how you describe things!