Sunday, November 21, 2010

no longer a little baby

Lately, Thomas and I just stop and look at each other in amazement....amazed that Krew is no longer a baby. Everyday he is becoming more and more like a little boy. It is fun to watch....maybe a little sad that time has passed so quickly, but mostly we just watch amazed as proud parents of such a wonderful growing boy. Yesterday, Thomas was going to get gas in the car and yelled out to ask Krew, who was in the other room at the time, if he wanted to take a ride. Krew immediately grabbed a matching pair of shoes, ran to the door, and looked up at dad all ready to go. We had to laugh (and maybe hold back some proud tears, well I had to anyway). And then today we had the primary program at church and Krew being the little boy that he is, didn't want to be left out. Every time the primary children stood up to sing, Krew joined in with his loud "la, la, la's;" he even waved his hand back and forth to help lead the music. I guess we should have felt bad, because Krew stole the show at times, but all we could do was sit back and be amazed. He really is a little boy. A fun, smart, sweet little boy.

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  1. I can't believe that Krew is already walking and is no longer a little baby. WOW! Time flies!