Monday, July 30, 2012

Ronan: 5-6 months

Ronan at 5-6 months:

Loves seeing himself in the mirror.
Mastered the bumbo, rolls over, sits on his own and is trying to crawl; he has the leg motion down, but doesn't quite get the arms moving, which usually results in his face scooting across the floor.
He is quite the eater....loves everything so far.
His favorite treats are popsicles and any scoop of smoothie someone is willing to share.
Smiles at everyone, but reserves his biggest smile for his brother.
Jumping keeps him happy.
He's a fan of the water, but only lasts as long as he wants to.
His hair is constantly curly because he is constantly sweaty.
He is almost too heavy to carry in his car seat.
No teeth yet, but hopefully we will spy one soon.
We are still debating on who he looks like, but I think we have come to the conclusion that he might not look like either of us.
He has great hand-eye coordination and has started bringing food to his mouth; he will either be great at sports or a really good eater....lets hope both.
Well, we love this big, blue eyed, smiling boy!

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  1. Love seeing photos of your life in Grenada! Keep 'em coming!