Friday, May 18, 2012

4 months

Ronan at 4 months......

He is happy as ever, with ever growing dimples.

His feet are more interesting than any toy.

He has been sleeping like a champ, which I really appreciate!!

He is super coordinated; grabbing anything within reach.

He might be teething....who knows, but there are constantly fingers or fists in his mouth and a whole lot of drooling.

This boy might be ready for some rice cereal; at least it seems like it, the way he watches me eat.....he wants a taste of some real food.

Not rolling over yet, but rolls from side to side when he is on his back.

He is way too strong for how little he is.

Wants all the attention; when all eyes aren't on him....he will get them back with a scream or two.

Can't believe how old he is already, two more months and he will be half a!!!
Ronan is the best, just like his older brother!

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