Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 months

At two months.....

Ronan is starting to show a little personality and there is no better way to describe it, but by using a word we picked up in England. "Cheeky". It's so true though, Ronan is a "cheeky," little baby. His smile tells it all; he thinks he is hilarious.

He definitely has his dad's body type, very long and broad. There are no rolls to be found, but when you pick this boy up he is SOLID. He is much bigger than Krew was at this age, but "fat," doesn't describe him...he really is just solid.

Lately he has been a great sleeper; sometimes 6-7 hours at night and lots of naps during the day. No real sleep schedule yet, but we are getting there.

Hand chewing is a new obsession. I've seen him fit his whole fist in his mouth at one point...pretty impressive.

Ronan is still a chunkster when it comes to eating; still cries when you don't get him food fast enough and can't seem to stay quiet when he does eat....he's always gulping and gasping.

You can already tell that Ronan wants to be best buds with Krewzer. He is absolutely mesmerized with Krew. I can't wait to see these two grow up together.

Not only is he smiling a ton, but he is starting to find his voice. He coos all the time and has some of the funnest facial expressions.

As for Krew, he is still the cutest, smartest and funniest little 2 year old I know. Loves dirt and rocks. Wrestling and running (chasing). Cars and Play-dough. Strawberries and treats (of course). I can't believe he is going to be 2 and a half next month...time is flying by!


  1. how come nobody ever comments anymore.? i like the pictures...but im biased. i miss you three a lot. i couldnt keep looking at the zero comment under the post so i had to say something.

  2. Well I like to leave comments... Ronan is so dang cute! I love his little onsie. Your such a great photographer. I can't believe Ronan is almost 3 months. Could you just get here already?? Thomas gave me your blog address tonight.. so I thought I would check it out! Love it!

  3. I love the outfit. Great pictures. Wonderful blog lay out too. I liked your post about Thomas, that was sweet. Hope all is well.

  4. He's so alert and big already! Love the pictures. Yay for good sleepers!!