Friday, August 5, 2011

life of an almost two year old

This almost two year old....
  • knows all his letters and is working on his numbers; I guess that is what you get when your only bath toys are floaty letters and numbers (we've recently added some animals so he is not totally deprived of bath-time fun)
  • is nearly potty trained; I almost wish I could say it has been a hard process so the next kids will be a breeze, but I think we are in for a rude awakening when it comes to potty training the next ones.....because Krew has pretty much taught himself.
  • loves to read books before naps and bedtime and when I say read I really mean recite from memory (note to self, it might be time for new books)
  • has a not so little crush on a girl name Evie, but we can't blame him, she's gorgeous
  • has good manners; likes to shake hands and for the most part remembers his pleases and thank you's.
  • is really into Cars and now Toy Story 2, but that is because his other crush is on Jessie
  • is not the best eater, but might be a milk junkie
  • loves music; if all else fails music usually does the trick
  • knows a bunch of animal noises. He literally knows more than twenty animal noises, including the spitting camel, standing one foot flamingo (not a noise but still counts) and the ever mystical unicorn (which does in fact make a noise, all you have to is put your pointer finger on your forehead and say "ding, : according to Krew)
  • may or may not be a bit OCD. He loves to line up all his cars, or the shower products, or the goldfish crackers. but then again maybe he is just an organized little boy
  • loves to be thrown by his dad. and when i say thrown i mean really chucked up in the air. three or four feet above Thomas' head is not high enough. He yells "higher" or "fly" every time he lands and then yells tornado because he wants to be thrown in a three sixty at the same time. Thomas is always happy to fulfill his request.
  • loves to help out those who are hurt. It makes me want to cry every time i see him run up to the little boy or girl who has fallen or who is sulking in the corner and hold out his hand to pick them up and with his head tilted just so slightly to the side ask the little friend "you okee."
  • loves to shower. it took a while for the shower to not scare krew but now he loves to stick his face in the removable shower head nozzle and spit water out all around him. he loves to spray dad too, and somehow he always manages to get a few good shots up dad's nose.
  • loves Babe Ruth. Krew has a picture above his crib of the Great Bambino hitting a homerun with his picturesque swing. Every night Dad puts him to sleep and says dream of baseball, and every morning Krew gets up and points out to Dad that he and the Babe both have great homerun swings.
  • loves Dash from the movie incredibles. but who can blame him. i wish i was fast enough to run on water too.
  • loves Jesus. we have taught him about Jesus and he loves to point to his church pictures on the wall and say Jesus. The only problem now is that anyone with a beard is Jesus. At the supermarket he saw jesus three times last week, and on our last bike ride he saw Jesus twice.
We still cant believe he is almost two. He will be a great brother to the future addition to the family. We love him so much.


  1. I love these pictures!! You're so great at what you do! And super congrats on baby number 2!!!

  2. i love his little bum cheeks! You have the most beautiful family. And congratulations on your second! :)

  3. So adorable! My favorite fact is the Unicorn for sure! lol. Too cute! He will be an awesome big brother. p.s. please train me on how to potty train!

  4. Congrats on your win today. Going through your pictures. Your son is gorgeous! I love your work.