Saturday, July 23, 2011

trips continued.....Venice and Barcelona

So like I said before, we were lucky enough to visit Rome, Venice and Barcelona....all beautiful and interesting places. Rome (in the previous post) was so neat; the rich history could not be ignored as you walked down the streets surrounded by ruins. Venice was so unique, showing us a different way of life; life on the water.  Then there was Barcelona, a great way to end our trip with the beach, beach, and more beach. We weren't the typical tourists in Barcelona; we didn't do much site seeing, instead we just relaxed on the beach everyday and let Krew discover his love for sand.


  1. what exciting adventures you're having!! Krew is such a little handsome man!!

  2. Seriously so amazing. From what you guys have been doing to how great you look to the pictures themselves. We miss you but wow what an adventure!!