Friday, May 27, 2011

two posts in one week....miracles do happen, or it's just Paris

The Louvre 

 Notre Dame De Paris

Arc De Triomphe


Normandy (Omaha Beach)

U.S. Memorial in Normandy

playing at a park (or garden as they like to call it)

Eiffel Tower

Luxemburg Gardens



  1. This totally made my day. Love you. Love the family. Love Paris. You are fabulous. I'm obsessing over that eyelet dress...

  2. So fun! I'm so jealous that you guys get to do this! Great pictures. Krew is adorable as ever and p.s. I'm pretty sure you could not be any more beautiful!

  3. So beautiful!!!!!!
    the place. the people. the photos!
    you guys have great heads of hair what can i say!

  4. Alta, I just found your blog and I am just loving these gorgeous pictures of you and your family in Paris. How fun! I hope you are doing well.

  5. LOVE the pics. I am jealous of the entire family's hair - Alta and the boys. And of course the whole Paris adventure - but so glad somebody gets to do it!!!