Tuesday, October 12, 2010

yo ho yo ho a pirates life for us

We got to sail around the island in a pirate ship not too long ago. We had a lot of fun, but I don't know if we are quite cut out for a pirates life to be honest....

Krew fell asleep for half of the trip and missed out on all the rum punch (well, more like pineapple and sprite for us)

I did enjoy swinging from the ropes into the water, but felt a little claustrophobic when we stopped to snorkel (in my defense, right when I jumped in the water someone spotted a huge octopus, which didn't help with the fact that I was trying to cope with feeling trapped in a vast, quiet, eerie and dark ocean...ok it wasn't that bad, but claustrophobia really does kick in any time I am in the ocean).

Thomas wasn't able to enjoy going all Jack Sparrow and swing from the ropes because of his surgery recovering wrist, he was however able to walk the plank...still very entertaining. Thomas loved snorkeling; where we stopped there were huge sculptures carved out of metal that had been dropped to the bottom of the ocean. I thought they were a little creepy, especially the carved people, but Thomas loved every minute of it (I am beginning to think we should have kept Krew's webbed toe so he and his dad could share a love for the water....). After watching Thomas jump into the water and fearlessly snorkel around the creepy sculptures, I was beginning to think that Thomas could really embrace the pirate lifestyle, until.....he lost his wedding ring to Davey Jones' Locker; I mean pirates are suppose to make it out with all the booty not lose it to the ocean, right?

Thomas felt horrible....he actually tried diving down into all the coral to search for his ring (which explains why I couldn't find him for a half hour). When we got home he couldn't eat or sleep, so he rushed out to the local mall and bought a cheap replacement for the time being. Knowing that his birthday was coming up, he told me not to get him anything; he wanted any money he received from family to go toward buying a new ring. Thomas always told me that he wanted to be the old man who still wore his original wedding ring, all worn and aged over the years. This. is. why. I. love. Thomas. The dang ocean can keep the ring, all I need is that husband that still wants to be there when we are worn and aged even it means going through a few rings.


  1. How fun!! Krew is SO cute, and getting SO big!! So sorry about Thomas' ring :(

  2. The pictures are adorable. You are gorgeous. And I know exactly how you feel about the ocean--I get really anxious. And now I'll be even more anxious knowing that oceans eat rings.

  3. Did it happen to be the Atlantic Ocean? Because if so it has company, my ring and Jesse's ring happen to be lost there.

    Sorry to hear that though. I loved what you said at the end of the post. So true.

  4. What a riot! You three are surely livin' the life!

    Here's a pirate joke for you....strangely I have a whole gaggle of them....I don't know where I collected them all. Here one or two for ye mateys:

    Why couldn't the captain play cards with the sea men?

    How much does it cost to ride on a pirate ship?
    A BUCK AN EAR!!! (A buckaneer)

  5. How fun! Seriously, you guys are so cute. I cant believe Krew is 1!! What a doll! Jeff Losses his ring every time we do anything in water, so now I make him take it off. Darn water!

  6. Love the pictures! So sorry that Thomas lost his ring. If it makes you feel any better Rex broke his ring last term, we got a new one over the summer in the USA.

  7. Sounds like so much fun. Great pictures!