Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Burp Cloths, Boppies and Baby Bedding

This is mainly a post for family members that haven't been able to visit old Canterwood #2. These are some pictures of Krew's room (I wish I could say the whole house was as carefully planned and decorated as his). A few months before Krew was born I thought it would be a good idea to start cultivating new hobbies...such as sewing. Encouraging this new desire, my mom bought me my very first sewing machine!!! Not knowing how to sew, I started out know, working on a little something called the "straight line." Once that was mastered I got pretty brave and sewed burp cloths with fun fabrics and stitches (still using a straight line, but I felt pretty accomplished once I saw the cute finished products). After whipping out a dozen burp cloths I thought I would move onto something more challenging....a Boppy cover. I sewed on a curve and added a zipper; it seemed like a huge deal at the time and with another job well done, I was ready to move onto much bigger projects. Krew's bedding!!!! Luckily my mom was still in town because I don't know if going from a boppy cover to baby bedding is a realistic goal, so it was nice to have someone around that knew what they were doing. The whole project only took a few days (we were like machines, not sleeping until things got finished).....and it turned out great, much better than I expected. With the bedding finished Thomas and I started thinking about wall decor and stumbled across these decals from "Blick." The blue giraffes/dots were originally neon pink, but for obvious reasons we painted them blue, the same color as his wall. So here's Krew's room for ya (Not the best pictures...I knida neglected the other walls, which are decorated too).


  1. It turned out great!! VERY impressive! And I hadn't seen the wall decor either! How fun! :)

  2. Oh my gosh Krew's room is adorable! Everything looks awesome. I will give you some awesome recipes if you teach me how to sew! Deal?

  3. Alta, I LOVE it! I never like the baby bedding I see in stores and I LOVE yours! Can you mom come and stay with me for a few days, too? :) I also love the wall decor. I'm totally going to look up Blick online. I got something akin to that for my baby's room but I want more! :) Oh, and I have totally been meaning to call you but have been too stressed out with this buying a house stuff. Please forgive me and still be my friend. I will call you as soon as everything calms down and my breathing returns to normal. :)